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Stress, why we need some but not too much!

STRESS, why we need some but not too much! We all have some amount of stress in our lives. It is what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going throughout the day. Too little stress and we can become bored and isolated. Too much stress however, can have a negative effect on our bodies, leading to health problems including, headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety and heart disease. In modern society we all have an increasing amount of responsibilities and commitments eg. negotiating busy traffic everyday to get to work, being responsible for bringing home a salary, looking after the kids, keeping the house running smoothly. This stress can in the long-term cause health issues and problems, some of which are mentioned above. So how can we deal with this stress? Be active, exercise can help clear your thoughts so you are able to deal with stress more calmly. Seek out people. Having a support network of friends and family you can talk or who can help you see things in a different light. Have fun, go out and laugh. Laughter is a great stress buster! Time Manage. Prioritise things and accept things that you cannot change, some things you just don’t have any control over! Focus on what you can control. Get rid of unhealthy habits such as smoking, caffeine and alcohol. They might make you feel better but only in the short term. Be positive and surround yourself with positive people.

This web site is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, or that of your clients, and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content on this web site. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise displayed on this web site, you assume the risk of any resulting injury.

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