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Q. How much does it cost?

Please click on the Prices & Packages link at the top of the page.


Q. Where can I train?  I'm not a member of a gym?

Training takes place in my private gym or can be arranged at another location.


Q. I'm not very fit, is it for me?

Absolutely. After the consultation we carry out a full health and fitness assessment to determine your current fitness levels.  A personal training plan unique to you can then be written, this would depend on your overall goals, eg. weight loss, maybe you are training for a race or want to fit into a special outfit.


Q. Is Personal Training just about exercise?

Not at all.  I take a holistic approach to fitness and health so I also take into account nutrition and lifestyle choices eg. from what you eat to how much you sleep. You will be given nutritional advice, lifestyle advice and strategies to keep you motivated and loads of advice to help you keep on track.


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